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Saiy-jin Saga
Radditz Battle
      At the start of Dragonball Z a sphere-like spaceship landed on Earth where a curious farmer went to check out what happened. Radditz came out of the spaceship and the farmer attempted to shoot him with his rifle and kill him but Radditz reflected it back at the farmer and killed him. Then Radditz flew out looking for Goku.
     Gohan and Goku went to Kame-House where Krillin, Piccolo, and the others were waiting for him. Soon after their arrival Radditz showed up looking for Goku. Once they meet Radditz told Goku about how he was Goku’s brother and about Goku’s Saiy-jin heritage. Piccolo and Goku agreed that they had to team up to defeat this powerful foe. After battling for a little while Goku and Piccolo were really beat up. Piccolo’s arm blew of so he was really weak. Fortunately Goku got Radditz in an arm lock and he told Piccolo to shoot them both. Piccolo hesitated but finally he used a beam cannon right through both Goku and Radditz killing them both.
Nappa and Vegeta Battle
    Goku was now in the dead dimension .He had to race through snake way to get to King Kai’s planet .To get through snake way he escaped from princess snake he had to get through two dumb ogres and run a lot. When he finally arrives Goku learns the spirit bomb, how to survive in 10x earth’s gravity, and more.
    Meanwhile Piccolo trains Gohan cause he knows of his great potential. First he left Gohan in the dessert for six months for survival training. After that piccolo came back to train him.
    Later Vegeta and Nappa arrive at earth and destroy a city. Soon Vegeta and Nappa meet up with Gohan, Piccolo, Tien, and the rest of the crew. For starters Nappa and Vegeta plant some sabimen for the heroes to fight. Yamcha dies because one of the sabimen self-destructs on him. After all the sabimen were defeated it was time to fight Nappa. Both Choutzu and Tien sacrificed their lives to launch attacks at Nappa a both of them failed. Piccolo died defending Gohan in a very emotional scene. During the battles Goku was wished back to earth.
    Goku arrived in time to save Goku and Krillin with a Kaioken. Vegeta was very mad at Nappa for fighting so poorly against Goku so he blew Nappa into smithereens. After Nappa’s death the battle between Goku and Vegeta began. To defeat Goku Vegeta made a fake moon turning himself into an Oozaru (giant monkey) but Vegeta lost his power after Yajirobe cut his tail off. Goku who was hurt badly handed his spirit bomb to Krillin. Krillin used it on Vegeta and it weakened him. Then Gohan turns into an Oozaru and starts destroying Vegeta. With Vegeta’s last bit of strength he returns to his spaceship and heads for Namek
    Bulma and the others that were left realized that since Piccolo died Kame died and because of Kame’s death the dragonballs on Earth were gone and they would have to travel to Namek to find the dragonballs there for any hope of wishing their dead teammates back