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Frieza Saga
Search for the Namek Dragonballs
      Krillin, Bulma, and Gohan took Kami’s ship and headed for Namek in hopes of finding the dragonballs and wishing back their lost friends.  The quest to find the dragonballs was long, hard, and especially dangerous. They managed to find some of the dragonballs but they couldn’t find all of them and then those that they found were just lost or stolen.
    Goku has healed and got back into his spaceship to train in 100x gravity to prepare to fight Frieza. On King Kai’s planet Tien, King Kai is training Choutzu, Yamcha, and Piccolo.
     When Vegeta approached Namek he was healed from the battle and he was stronger than he’s ever been before. He wanted those dragonballs so that he could use them to gain immortality and be the most powerful being in the universe. On his quest for the dragonballs he defeated Dodoria, Kiwi, and Zarbon gain more and more strength after every fight.
      Meanwhile Frieza managed to wipe out every Namek on the entire planet except Nail, Dende, and Guru. Frieza also gets his hands on 6 of the dragonballs. When Frieza figures out you have to say a password he goes to Guru to get it. Before his arrival Guru sends Dende out to tell the password to Gohan, Krillin and Bulma so they could wish Piccolo back. When he arrives at Guru’s house Nail challenges Frieza to a fight to stall him long enough so that Dende can get to the others.
      After defeating Frieza’s minions Vegeta stole the dragonballs from his spaceship. He also stole a dragonball from Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan. As desperate measures to get the dragonballs from Vegeta he sent out his secret fighting team, the Ginyu Force!!!
Battling the Ginyu Force
    When the Ginyu Force arrived at Earth they met up with Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta. The first to fight was Guldo, the weakest of the Ginyu Force. His time freeze attack was intimidating but Vegeta destroyed him with ease. Next was Recoom, a giant powerful fighter. Even with the power enhancement from Guru and Vegeta’s help Gohan and Krillin were losing to the mighty Recoom. Finally, Goku arrived to help Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta out. He easily defeats Recoom then fights Jeice and Burter. They first put up a good fight then Goku defeats Burter and Vegeta finishes him off.
   Captain Ginyu was interrupted from his tryouts to fight Goku. After he fires some blasts he knows they are doing no damage so he fires one of his most powerful attacks at Goku and again it does nothing. Ginyu realizes that he is less powerful than Goku so he throws a piercing punch to the gut. Then, he body swaps with Goku.
   Ginyu-Goku fights Goku-Ginyu, Krillin, and Gohan. They start whomping his butt. When the new Ginyu was very beat-up he decided to take over Vegeta. In the middle of the body swap Gohan throws a frog in the middle of the transaction and Ginyu ends up in the frog’s body and Goku in his own body.
   During the Ginyu battle Jeice tries to get the dragonballs from Vegeta but Vegeta catches him and kills him.
   Since Goku is really beat up Vegeta puts him in a healing tank so he can be ready when Frieza attacks. He also gets Saiy-jin armor for Gohan and Krillin.
   Meanwhile Nail is still stalling so Dende can get to the Z Warriors in time to tell them the password. After Nail can stall no more he tells Frieza how he sent Dende to tell the password to the others and how they are probably already making their wishes from the dragonballs. Frieza gets really mad and flies as fast as he possibly can to get to the dragonballs!!!
The Battle Against Frieza
       Dende arrives to tell the others the password to the dragonballs so they can make their three wishes. For the first wish they wish Piccolo back and for the second wish they wish Piccolo on Namek. In the middle of the last wish Guru dies of a broken heart because the deaths of his fellow Nameks so the last wish could not be used.
        Meanwhile Vegeta powers up to fight Frieza. To get prepared to fight Vegeta, Frieza transforms into his second form that is bigger, has no armor, and has a power level of over 1 million. First he fights Krillin and Gohan. They put up a good fight until Frieza sticks one of his horns through Krillin and appears to kill him. Gohan gets really mad and starts beating up Frieza. When Gohan gets calmed down Piccolo finally arrives at the site.
       Piccolo challenges Frieza himself and starts beating him up. When Frieza starts gaining the upper hand. Krillin pops out of nowhere with a destructo disc an cuts Frieza’s tail off. Now Frieza is really mad and transforms into his third stage, which is more quick and agile, Incredibly different looking and also a lot stronger.
        After he transforms he starts beating Piccolo. Then while he is in his in his third form he realizes how Dende healed Krillin and Gohan so he kills him. Last but not least Frieza transforms into his fourth and final transformation. This transformation is small like the first but it only has two colors, purple and white.
        After Goku is fully healed he goes out to take on Frieza. When he goes outside to fight Frieza, Vegeta tells Frieza about how he is supposedly a super Saiy-jin. Frieza gets mad and kills him.
       Goku gets really mad after Vegeta dies and takes on Frieza himself. After they fight for a while Frieza realizes that Goku is more powerful than he thought at first. After Goku gets beat up a little he uses a Kaioken X20 and that is still not good enough

       During the battle between Frieza and Goku Ginyu makes a desperate move to get a body other than a frog’s. First he captures Bulma’s body and sticks Bulma with the body of a frog. Bulma in the frog’s body tries to get the attention of the others by waving her legs all around but nobody pays attention to her until Gohan recognizes the attitude of Bulma (who is really Ginyu) has changed and figures out that the frog is Bulma and Bulma is Ginyu. When he realizes this Ginyu in Bulma’s body tries to body switch with Piccolo. Right in the middle of the body switch Gohan throws Bulma in the frog’s body in the middle of the body switch. Bulma returns to her own body and Ginyu returns to the frog’s body
      Also King Kai invites the Ginyu Force to his planet to help Tien, Yam-cha, and Choutzu can train. Choutzu defeats Guldo. Tien takes on Jeice and Burter with the multi-form technique and defeats them. And Yam-cha takes on Racoom and defeats him.

       As a desperate measure Piccolo stalls Frieza while Goku creates the Spirit Bomb. When the Spirit Bomb is finished Goku shoots it at Frieza and appears to kill him. Then damaged greatly Frieza walks out of the explosion really angry. Out of his anger he appears to kill Piccolo and kills Krillin.
      The death of Krillin pushes Goku way overboard and he goes Super Saiy-jin. They start fighting and Goku whips Freiza’s butt. . Frieza gets really scared and shoots a beam on Namek to destroy it so that Goku will have no air to breathe. The beam wasn’t powerful enough so the destruction of Namek was delayed.
      After Frieza almost destroys earth and the two powers fight Kami informs King Kai that Mr. Popo has all 7 Earth dragonballs and can make a wish at any time. King Kai makes a plan to have Shenlong (the Earth dragon) wish back all that were killed by Frieza on Namek (which included Guru cause he died of a broken heart) to be wished back. After that Guru will be back and the last wish that was interrupted may now be come back to. Then with the last wish on Namek they will wish that everybody on Namek except Frieza will be transported to Earth.
      Goku refuses to go to the Earth along with the others. He wants to stay to finish off Frieza instead. King Kai is against letting Goku stay but Goku convinces him it is the best way for him and everyone else.
      After they carry out their plan Goku lets Frieza get to his maximum power. After that they fight for a while and Goku is still winning so Frieza throws two magenta destruto disc looking blasts that he can control. When he tries to hit Goku he makes a mistake and accidentally cuts through Frieza.
       Goku gives Frieza one last bit of energy to get the heck out of there but instead he uses it for an attack on Goku. Goku blocks it and gets really angry with Frieza so he fires a beam killing him. Then Goku goes to find a spaceship. When he is about to lift off the planet explodes and Kami figures out Goku isn’t dead so his must have found a spaceship and disappeared into space.