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Android 16
#16 is the biggest and strongest of the androids. He was designed by Dr. Gero to be the perfect android, even better
than #18 and #17. He was not finished quite yet before he was activated so he talks rather funny. He was also
designed to have one task and one task only, to destroy Goku. He is an intelligent, kind hearted android unlike
his creator. He also has a love for nature for nature, animals, and the Earth. This passion caused him to dislike
Cell and his plans to destroy the Earth. He eventualy becomes a  good friend and
 He was made by Dr. Gero a whacky scientist with his mind set on destroying Goku for what he did to the Red Ribbon Army.
He was first activated by #17 and #18 and was determined to kill Goku but when Cell shows up and tries to
absorb his android freinds he takes his eye off Goku and on Cell. He is beaten pretty badly by Cell but later is repared
and reprogramed to fight Cell in the Cell Games. He tries to self-destruct on Cell but it doesn't work and he is blown
to pieces he is finnaly destroyed when Cell crushes his head (the only thing left of him after being blown away by
Cell) and that triggers Gohan's Super Saiy-jin Level 2 Transformation.