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Android 18
#18 is a no-nonsence android and overall the smartest of the androids. She was designed by Dr. Gero to
 get revenge on Goku and designed him to have unlimited energy just like her counterpart #17. She was also programmed
to be mercyless and to hate humans. She is also more stylish than the other androids so she often visits Clothes stors and steals
clothes. After she is spit out she is wished to be human and she joins the other girls in shoping and having fun.
 He was made by Dr. Gero a whacky scientist with his mind set on destroying Goku for what he did to the Red
Ribbon Army. After she is turned human she marries Krillin and has a daughter named Marron.
He was first activated by Dr. Gero so he could kill the destroyers of #19. Then both her and #17 destroyed
Dr. Gero and activated #16 and then set out for Goku cause #16's was determined to kill Goku.
Then on the way to Goku's house they hear of Cell. She is at Kami-house to destroy Goku when Cell
shows up and tries to absorb #17 so she takes her eye off Goku and on Cell. #17 is beaten
pretty badly by Cell and the he is absorbed by Cell so Cell can become Super Cell. She hides for alittle while then she is
absorbed by Cell to become Perfect Cell. She is then spit back out by Cell and after the world
had been restored to peace she is wished human and just has fun with the others.