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Android 19
#19 is a fat, stout android and overall the weakest of the androids. He was designed by Dr. Gero to
 Accompany Dr. Gero with his battle against Goku and his terrorizing defenceless towns. He was also programmed
To suck the power out of energy attacks and people through his palms. He does not have much
 He was made by Dr. Gero a whacky scientist with his mind set on destroying Goku for what he did to the Red
Ribbon Army.
He was first seen walking into a town to terrorize it then the Z warriors find him and leave it to Goku to fight him.
At first he gets beat up and then because of the heart virus he starts beatting him. When Goku is almost dead Vegeta steps in
and first pulls #19's arms out and then destroys him.