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Choutzu is the smallest and weakest of the Z warriors. He is also called the "Eternal Child" and is a price
of another world . He is always sitting back and cheering the others on because he is weaker than the others.
He is a nice, good friend whohas a cute little voice. He trained with Master Roshi and King Kai and helped
Tien but he has never really fought anyone before besides Nappa.
 Choutzu is a prince of another world(which explains the funny hat and weird makeup) and has come to Earth( I'm not quite
sure why).Now his new family has become Tien, Master Roshi, and Yam-Cha and he now lives in the Kame-
House(a house that Master Roshi trains in that islocated on an island in the middle of nowhere).
In the Saiy-jin Saga he tries to self destruct on Nappa but it does not hurt him worth a price of beans in China and then ends
up on King Kai's planet where he trains with bubbles and the rest of the crew. At the end of the Frieza Saga he is wished
back and all he does after that is cheer the more powerful warriors on.