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 Garlic Jr.
Garlic Jr. is, in his real form, a blue little midget who has his mind bent on takeing over the world and
becomimg more and more powerful. He is clever powerful guy that can make some sinister plots.
He has a group of henchmen calle the Spice Boys.
His dad is Garlic who tried out for the Guardian of the Earth but instead Kami beat him.
In the movie Deadzone he gets the Dragonballs and wishes for immortality and suceeds.The only
way of getting red of him is the puttintg him in the Deadzone for good. In the Garlic Jr. Saga
he comes back from the Deadzone with a group of henchmen called the Spice Boys and a diabolical plan
to rule the world. First he released the blackwater mist to turn the world into mindless zombies. Then he uses the
powerful Maiko Star to become a super-powered monster but because of the Z warriors he is sucked into the Deadzone
once again. Read more about it in the Garlic Jr. Saga Summary.