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                                                        Goku is a dependable friendly guy who also is the star of Dragonball Z, Dragonball, and Dragonball GT. He is also one of
                                                     the most powerful heroes the show most of the time.
                                                         Goku is the son of Bardock who died trying to stop Frieza’s reign of terror.He also has a Grandfather named Gohan.
                                                     He marries Chi-Chi and has two sons Gohan and Goten. Then Gohan marries Videl and has one daugter, Pan.
                                                          In the Saiy-jin Saga Goku helps Piccolo kill Radditz. He also gets Vegeta angry at Napa so Vegeta kills Napa.
                                                     In the Frieza Saga, Goku defeats Recoom, Burter, and Captin Ginyu leaving Vegeta to kill them. He also is the first person
                                                     to go Super Saiy-jin when fighting Frieza. He defeats Frieza. In the Cell Saga he gives his life to save the others from his
                                                     self destruction. In the Buu Saga Goku is the goes SSJ level 2 and the is the first one to go SSJ level 3. He also fuses with
                                                    Vegeta to become Vejetto. He deafeats Buu with his famous Spirit Bomb. In GT he is wished back as a kid, then becomes
                                                     an adult by the dragonballs and is the first one to go SSJ level 4. He also defeats Bebi Vegeta. To defeat Super #17 he fuses
                                                    with SSJ level 4 Vegeta and becomes SSJ level 4 Gogeta. He also defeats the evil Shenlongs.