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Goten is a little member of the Goku Family introduced in the Buu Saga. He is a cool little kid who
is like Gohan in a way. He takes on the appearance of Goku when he was young.
 Goten is the son of Goku, the greatest warrior in the universe. His mom is Chi-Chi and she let him
a little slack from studing unlike his brother Gohan who is about 10 years older than Goten.
Introduced in the Buu Saga Goten was a very strong warrior and went Super Saiy-jin at an early age.
He learned the Fusion dance from Goku and fused with Trunks to become Gotenks who then went Super
Saiy-jin level 3. He fought a good fight with Buu but eventualy was defeated and absorbed. Goten was spit out
with the sacrifice of Vegetto.