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Krillin is a short member of the Z warriors that met Goku when they were kids in the Dragonball series.
He is a cool little guy with a good sense of humor. He has a good attitude towards battleing and his jokes
always shed some light on the dark scenes.
 Not much is known about Krillin's parents. In the Buu Saga he marries Android 18 after falling in love with her during the
Cell Saga and wishing her to be human. They have a daughter, Marron, named after his old girlfriend. She likes to shop and have fun.
Through the episodes Krillin has been sort of weak and stayed out of most of the battles because someone else
could do it better but when he is forced to fight he does. In the Frieza Saga he helps in taking out both Recoom and
Ginyu in Goku's body. He dies when Frieza makes him explode. In the Cell Saga he falls in love with #18 and crushes
the shut down device. In the Buu Saga he grows hair and in way stops fighting as much.