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Music Gallery
Welcome to the Music Gallery!
This is the section where I have gathered a collection of music from
the show and some music from the movies. I will give you a
title and description of the music
Vegeta Theme 1 Cool song with a sort of Mischievous Theme.
Vegeta Theme 2 Evil low beat. Muisic you would hear walking through a cave.
Vegeta Theme 3 Sort of a Battle fast beat. One of my favorites.
DBZ Battle Music Your typical music when people are in battles. Nice beat
Blue Velvet My favorite Song. The one playing on my home page.
Winning Theme Perky song with a light beat. Music that would play after winning a battle.
Makafushigi Fast song with a hard core tune.
We Were Angels Sort of a battle music with more of a cheerful theme.
Will Power It starts sad with a low beat then turns into a faster more exciting beat.
DBZ Rock If you've heard Megaman music you've heard this.
Tapion Tapion (the elf that gives Trunks his sword) whistling.
Fusion If you've heard Makafushigi music you've heard this.
Chala Happy song with a winning theme.
Dan Dan Loud rockin roll type music!