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Trunks is a nice boy who came from the future to warn the Z warriors of the androids. He cares a lot about his family
and has learned disipline through the pain he has been through cause of the androids. He is apprihensive of what
he does so he will not let the past suffer the same fate as his future.
 Trunks is the son of Bulma and Vegeta. In the future all he has is Bulma because Vegeta died fighting the androids.
Because he never got to know Vegeta he is very anxious to see him and he will exept him nomatter what. Through that
prideful skull of his he can that it really is a noble pride.
Introduced in the Cell Saga Trunks arrived on Earth from the future. He was the second Super Saiy-jin the Z fighters had
seen, he made Vegeta envious and pushed him toward being a Super Saiy-jin. He fought Cell before the Cell Game
and was the first to realize that Cell was really strong and there was little hope of winning but he never gave up.
He was killed by Cell when a fire ball went through him. He was wished back and returned to the future.