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Vegeta is a proud, arrogant Saiy-jin who is the bad guy for much of the Frieza Saga and all of the
Saiy-jin Saga. He will never leave a fight he has already started and will stop at nothing to kill his enemies.
 Vegeta is the son of King Vegeta, the king of all Saiy-jins, so sometimes Vegeta will refer to himself as
“the prince of all Saiy-jins”. Because of his royal heritage he often sets high standards of himself. In the Android
 Saga he marries Bulma and has a son named Trunks and later on they have a daughter named Bra who carries
Bulma’s genius genes.
In the Saiy-jin Saga Vegeta wants to get revenge on the murderers of Radditz. He also wants to get the
dragonballs to wish for immortality. He gets his tail cut off by Yajirobie. In the Freiza Saga he kills Kiwi,
Dordoria, and Zarbon. He also finishes off Guldo, Jeice, and Burter. He dies against Freiza.In the Cell Game
he is the second person to go Super Saiy-jin and destroys #19. In the Buu Saga he turns evil again and becomes
Majin Vegeta and is the second one to go Super Saiy-jin Lv2.He self destructs on Buu after turning good again.
He is granted life by King Yama then fuses with Goku to become Vegetto but doesn’t destroy Buu. In GT he gets
possessed by Bebi. He also is the second one to go Super Saiy-jin Lv4 and fuses with Goku to become Gogeta