Episode List
Episode 1 Arrival of Radditz
Episode 2 The Worlds Strongest Team
Episode 3 Gohan's Hidden Power
Episode 4 Goku's Unusual Journey
Episode 5 Gohan's Metamorphosis
Episode 6 Gohan Makes a Friend
Episode 7 Trouble on Arlia
Episode 8 Home For Infinite Losers
Episode 9 Princess Snake's Hospitality
Episode 10 Escape from Piccolo
Episode 11 Showdown in the Past
Epiosde 12 The End of Snake Way
Episode 13 A Fight Agansit Gravity... Catch Bubbles
Episode 14 The Legend of the Sayians
Episode 15 Black Day for the Planet Earth
Episode 16 The Battle Begins... Goku Where are You?
Episode 17 The Saibamen Strike
Episode 18 Nappa... The Invincible?
Episode 19 Tien Goes All Out!!
Episode 20 Time's Up
Episode 21 The Return of Goku
Episode 22 Goku Strikes Back
Episode 23 Goku vs. Vegeta... A Saiyan Duel
Epiosde 24 Vegeta... Saiyan Style!
Episode 25 Stop Vegeta Now!
Episode 26 Battle's End
Episode 27 A New Goal... Namek
Episode 28 Journey to Namek
Episode 29 Friends or Foes?
Episode 30 Hunt for a Dragonball
Episode 31 Who's Who?
Episode 32 Touchdown on Namek
Episode 33 Face off on Namek
Episode 34 The Ruthless Frieza
Episode 35 The Nameks versus Frieza
Episode 36 Escape from Dodoria
Episode 37 Secrets Revealed
Episode 38 A Collision Course
Episode 39 Stay Away from Frieza
Episode 40 Zarbon Transformed
Episode 41 The Eldest Namek
Episode 42 Get Vegeta
Episode 43 Vegeta Revived
Episode 44 A Heavy Burden
Episode 45 Immortality Denied
Episode 46 Big Trouble for Bulma
Episode 47 Scramble for the Dragonball
Episode 48 Arrival of the Ginyu Force
Episode 49 Elite Fighters of the Universe... The Ginyu Force
Episode 50 Time Tricks and Body Binds
Episode 51 No Refuge from Recoome
Episode 52: Enter Goku
Episode 53: Goku... Super Saiyan?
Episode 54: Ginyu Assault
Episode 55: Incredible Force
Episode 56: Freeza Approaches
Episode 57: Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku
Episode 58: Calling the Eternal Dragon
Episode 59: Gohan Defeat Your Dad!!!
Episode 60: Captain Ginyu.....the Frog
Episode 61: Password is Porunga
Episode 62: Piccolo's Return
Episode 63: The Fusion
Episode 64: Fighting Power: One Million???
Episode 65: Piccolo the Super-Namek
Episode 66: Deja-Vu
Episode 67: Freeza's Second Transformation
Episode 68: Another Transformation?
Episode 69: Dende's Demise
Episode 70: The Renewed Goku!
Episode 71: The End of Vegeta
Episode 72: The Ultimate Battle
Episode 73: Clash of the Super Powers
Episode 74: Frieza's Boast
Episode 75: Bold and Fearless
Episode 76: Embodiment of Fire
Episode 77: Trump Card
Episode 78: Keep the Chance Alive
Episode 79: Power of the Spirit
Episode 80: Transformed at Last
Episode 81: Explosion of Anger
Episode 82: Namek's Destruction
Episode 83: A Final Attack
Episode 84: Approaching Destruction
Episode 85: Gohans Returns
Episode 86: The Last Wish
Episode 87: Duel on Vanashing Planet
Episode 88: Pathos of Frieza
Episode 89: Frieza Defeated
Episode 90: Mighty Blast of Rage
Episode 91: Namek's Explosion...Goku's End
Episode 92: Goku's Alive
Episode 93: The Heavons Tremble
Episode 94: Black Fog of Terror
Episode 95: Battle at Kami's Lookout
Episode 96: Fight with Piccolo
Episode 97: Call for Restoration
Episode 98: Suicidal Course
Episode 99: Extreme Measures
Episode 100: The World Awakens
Episode 101: Brief Chance for Victory
Episode 102: Krillin's Proposal
Episode 103: Frieza's counterattack
Episode 104: The Mysterious Youth
Episode 105: Another Super Saiyin
Episode 106: Welcomr Back Goku
Episode 107: Mystery Revealed
Episode 108: Goku's Special Technique
Episode 109: Z Warriors Prepare
Episode 110: Goku's Ordeal
Episode 111: Androids Appear
Episode 112: A Handy Trick
Episode 113: Double Trouble for Goku
Episode 114: Upgrade to Super Saiyan
Episode 115: The Secret of Dr. Gero
Episode 116: More Androids
Episode 117: Follow Dr. Gero
Episode 118: Nightmare Comes True
Episode 119: Goku's Assassin
Episode 120: Deadly Beauty
Episode 121: No Match For The Androids
Episode 122: Last Ditch Effort
Episode 123: Closing In
Episode 124: unwelcome discovery
Episode 125: seized with fear
Episode 126. Killers Without a Trace, Who are the Artificial Humans?
Episode 127. Cold blooded #20's Path of Evil, Goku's Transformation of anger...
Episode 128. Goku's Double Shock!! Caught between Disease and the Enemy.
Episode 129. Vegita's Strength, The Awakened Blood of a Super Saiya jin.
Episode 130. The Invincible laugh of #20, DR. Gero's Secret.
Episode 131. The Present is more Frightening than the Future! The Questions of Trunks.
Episode 132. Pursuit Dr. Gero! Let's find the Mysterious Laboratory.
Episode 133. And the Fear Became Reality...Number 17 and Number 18 Awaken!
Episode 134. Is it too late!? The final weapon to kill Goku.
Episode 135. Super power with a lovely face!? No blind spot for number 18.
Episode 136. The Untouchable Man-Made Humans .. Is it the end of the Z fighters!?
Episode 137. Piccolo's decision! His Last Resort.
Episode 138. The walking weapon of destruction! The Artificial Humans moving closer to Goku.
Episode 139. An Evil Premonition! The Mystery That Bulma Brought Up.
Episode 140. Discovery of the Evil Egg! Trunks In Fear.
Episode 141. Against An Enemy Never Faced Before...The Super Namek-sei-jin is born!
Episode 142. Kamehameha!? The monster with Goku's ki.
Episode 143. The creature of hatred and destruction! It is the cyborg Cell.
Episode 144. Piccolo's regretful mistake! Cell escaped to the city!
Episode 145. The secret of Cell's birth! What's in the basement of the lab!?
Episode 146. Goku awakens for the battle! Go beyond the Super Saiya-jin!
Episode 147. Hurry with the training Saiya-jin! The room of spirit and time.
Episode 148. The heaven splitting violent light beam! Piccolo vs Cyborg number 17.
Episode 149. I have been waiting for this day! The prelude to Cell's perfection.
Episode 150. The counterattack with his life wasn't enough! Piccolo has come to an end!
Episode 151. The only one remaining hope.. The silent warrior number 16 gets up!
Episode 152. He swallowed number 17.. The transformed Cell is a super gourmet.
Episode 153. I'll pound you tomorrow! Goku's challenge.
Episode 154. I'll settle everything! The new Vegeta father and son take off.
Episode 155. Immediately going all out! Vegeta's brilliant super power.
Episode 156. Cell kneel! I'm the Super Vegeta!
Episode 157. The dangerous pride! The challenge to the complete Cell!
Episode 158. I can't make up my mind! Kuririn's maneuvering to destroy number 18!!!
Episode 159. A shock to the entire universe! Cell's evolution into completeness.
Episode 160. Infinite attack power! A god of destruction called Cell is born.
Episode 161. Super Vegiita in danger! The completely perfect terror draws near!
Episode 162. Go beyond the limit of Super Saiya-jin! Trunks calls on a storm.
Episode 163. Save your father! Trunks' anger that scorches the heavens.
Episode 164. The future of despair! The man who lived through the hell, Trunks.
Episode 165. A weakness in Super Trunks! Cell's very shocking statement.
Episode 166. Myth of the New World Top Martial Arts Competition.
Episode 167. Viewer rating 100%! Live coverage of the deadly Cell game.
Episode 168. Super Power of Goku and Gohan. Incress you power to the Max.
Episode 169. Goku's composure!? Just rest and wait for the Cell game.
Episode 170. The relaxation of the fighters...The girl the lie and Gohan's decision.
Episode 171. The hidden strength! When Gohan was a baby.
Episode 172. Find the Kamisama! Goku, the great instantaneous teleportation.
Episode 173. Dende Bring's the Dragon Ball's back to Life.
Episode 174. Wisely snatching the Dragon Ball's, Mr. Satan shows his stuff.
Episode 175. Prelude to the Final Battle! Mr. Satan is going to Fight First...
Episode 176. Here come's Satan's Army! Mr. Satan Gets Beat in one hit...
Episode 177. Goku and Cell Square Off togeather...
Episode 178. Direct Hit on Earth! Cell's Kamehameha.
Episode 179. Lose or Die. Goku's Secret Turnabout Plans.
Episode 180. The End of the Desperate Struggle. Goku's Surrender!!!
Episode 181. Someone Who Will Succeed the Strongest! His name is Gohan.
Episode 182. Gohan get Mad: Release the Sleeping Power Within!
Episode 183. Small Wonders!!! Cell's Juniors Attack.
Episode 184. The Tragity of Number 16. Super Gohan's Anger Explodes.
Episode 185. Real Power Blowup. Exploding Cell Junior's.
Episode 186. Gohan Staggers Cell with 2 Punches.
Episode 187. Cell's Perfect Body Breaks Down.
Episode 188. Bye Bye Everyone! ! ! Goku's last Teleportation.
Episode 189. A Nightmare is Reborn. . . The Absolute Terror.
Episode 190. From Father To Son. Goku's Spirit Passed Down.
Episode 191. The Fight is over. Thank you ? Son Goku!!!
Episode 192. I'll Be up there. Farewell with a Smile.
Episode 193. Gohan tells Chichi about Goku's death. Trunks Leaving for the Future!!
Episode 194. I'll protect the Future!!! Trunks eradicates No. 17, No. 18 and Cell.
Episode 195. The Strongest in Hade's. Goku confronts the Ginyu Force, Freezer, Cold and Cell.
Episode 196. An Assembly of fighters from all Era's...Goku enters Dai-Kaio's tournament.
Episode 197. Hold that breath! The Goku Hurricane.
Episode 198. Goku makes it to the final round. Goku VS. Pai ku han.
Episode 199. Goku vs. Piku-han, the battle continues. What, disqualification?
Episode 200. Seven Year's since that Event!! From now on Im a High School Student.
Episode 201. The Debut of the Champion and Lover of Justice "The Great Saiya-man".
Episode 202. Gohan's Mixed up First Date.
Episode 203. Gohan you must move quick! Save Videl...
Episode 204. A Great Theft! And the Culprit is The Great Saiya-man.
Episode 205. Goku's Resurrected as Well!! He's coming to the Tenka-Ichi Budokai.
Episode 206. Gohan is Surprised Too. Goten's Explosive Power.
Episode 207. AHH! I Flew!! Videl Learn's to fly.
Episode 208. Welcome Back Goku! The Whole Z Team is Gathered.
Episode 209. Your in Danger Great Saiya-man!...Guard your-self against Camera Attacks.
Episode 210. Not Bad Little Trunks.
Episode 211. It's My Turn!! Goten's Nervous First Fight.
Episode 212. Pleasure a Hundred Times Over! The New Junior Champion has Been Determined!
Episode 213. What Will you do Mr. Satan?? The Greatest Crisis in History!!
Episode 214. An Opponent is Drawn! Let's start the first Match Without Delay!
Episode 215. What's Wrong Piccolo? The Impossible non Fight...
Episode 216.Disgusting and Immortal!! The Mystery of Supopo Bitchi.
Episode 217. No Mercy for Videl. Will the Anger Bring Super Gohan?
Episode 218. Unmasked! ! ! The Great Saiya-man is Son Gohan.
Episode 219. A Sneaky plan! Gohan's power gets stolen.
Episode 220. The Appearance of Darkness! ! The Evil Magician Babi Dee...
Episode 221. A Trap in Waiting. A Challenge from the Darkside.
Episode 222. Don't Mess with me. Vegeta's first Attack is filled with Anger.
Episode 223. Goku At full power. Take that Yaken!!!
Episode 224. A Huge Mistake! ! ! Satan VS. The 3 Super Warriors!?
Episode 225. The Kids are Strong! A tough fight for Number 18!
Episode 226. The Debut of the King of Evil. It's your turn Gohan!!
Episode 227. The Heart of Evil Found. Doubler's good idea.
Episode 228. The Rebirth of Vegita, Prince of Destruction! Confusion enters The Ring...
Episode 229. The Fated Battle! Son Goku VS. Vegita...
Episode 230. Wait for us Babi Dee! We won't let you continue your Evil.
Episode 231. The Seal is Broken... The Ultimate Evil Majin Buu Appears...
Episode 232. I won't let you Be Reborn! The Kame-Hame-Ha to change fate!
Episode 233. A Straight Path to Destruction!? Kaiou in Despair.
Episode 234. The Terrifying Majin Buu! It's feared That Gohan is in the Brink of Death!!!
Episode 235. I'm going to Eat You! The Starving Majin's Psychic Powers...
Episode 236. A Warrior's Resolve!! Im going to Destroy Majin Buu myself.
Episode 237. For The Sake of my Loved one's. . . Vegita Fall's!!!
Episode 238. The Nightmare continues! Majin Buu is still Alive.
Episode 239. Videl's Struggle, Searching for the Dragon Ball's.
Episode 240. A Big Hope. The Kids New Ultimate Attack!!!
Episode 241. Goten and Trunks! The Whole World's Ordered to find them...
Episode 242. Gohans Resurrection. Is that Kai-Oo-Shins Secret Weapon
Episode 243. I Pulled It Out! The Legendary Zed Sword...
Episode 244. He's After the Western Capitol! ! ! Stop Majin Buu.
Episode 245. Oh! What a Surprise!! The Super Saiya jin 3
Episode 246. Bye Bye Babi Dee! ! ! Majin Buu Rebels...
Episode 247. Incredible Ugly!? The Special Transformation Training.
Episode 248. Bye Bye Everyone. Goku Goes back to the After Life.
Episode 249. Where's Gohan?? The Harsh Training on Kai-Oo-Shin's Planet.
Episode 250. This can't be true! The Zed Sword get's Broken...
Episode 251. The Birth of Super Fusion, The Name is Gotenks
Episode 252. The Last Weapon Mobilized. Satan will save the Earth.
Episode 253. I've given up Killing! Majin Buu's Boy Scout Pledge!!!
Episode 254. Run Away Satan! The Appearance of the evil Majin Buu!!!
Episode 255. Who Will Win?! A Battle Between Good and Evil Buu's.
Episode 256. The Impatient Destruction! The Extinction of Humanity...
Episode 257. The Training was a Success! Your Finished now Majin Buu!
Episode 258. I'm Really going to fight this time! Super Gotenks goes all out...
Episode 259. I did it! The Ghosts succeeded in defeating Majin Buu.
Episode 260. Inter Dimensional escape! Super Gotenks 3?
Episode 261. Have we gone too Far? ? ? ? Buu Buu Volleyball...
Episode 262. Even Greater, The Remade Gohan goes To Earth...
Episode 263. He's over Welming Buu. Gohans Miraculous Power.
Episode 264. Gohan can't be Beat! Buu self Destructs
Episode 265. Buu commits a Foul! Gotenk's is absorbed!?
Episode 266. Come Back Goku! Save the Universe.
Episode 267. One more Miracle. The Super Fusion With Gohan...
Episode 268. Vegeta's Pride and Goku's Anger!!! The Birth of the Invincible Hero
Episode 269. The Ultimate Power. Vegitto the Lethal Warrior!
Episode 270. The Dimension is Shattered! Is Buu out of control?!
Episode 271. Buu's favorite Technique!! Become Candy!!
Episode 272. Buu Fighting SSJ3 candy drop, and losing. Vegitto get's Absorbed.
Episode 273. No more fusion, Buu's Digestive system attacks.
Episode 274. Is That you Gohan? Buu's Victim's Attack!
Episode 275. Buu's inner body experience, The Great escape...
Episode 276. Where's the Exit!!!? Escape from the failing Buu!!
Episode 277. Good Bye Earth!!! Buu fall's into evil...
Episode 278. Buu get over here! Finish it off in Kaio-Shin-Ka!!!
Episode 279. Seize the future! The Big Battle over the universe.
Episode 280. Vegita's Hat's off. Goku, You are #1.
Episode 281. Hold on Vegita! A minute fight at the risk of life.
Episode 282. Don't tease Satan!! The original Majin Buu returns!!!
Episode 283. Vegeta's secret plan!! Porunga's two wishes!
Episode 284. Our last hope! A Really Huge Genki-Dama.
Episode 285. Big Appreciation! It's here, Everyone's Energy Ball...
Episode 286. Goku is the Strongest after all!!! Majin Buu is Destroyed...
Episode 287. Peace is Restored! Friend of Justice, Majin Buu!?
Episode 288. You're late, Goku! Everyone's Partying!
Episode 289. Granpa Goku! I'm Pan!!!
Episode 290. I'm Uubu. Now 10 years old, Formerly Majin Buu..
Episode 291. To Become StronHger! Goku's Dream is to Surpass it!!